It happens while i'm cooking our dinner (before 7 pm). We have a big window on our kitchen and always gaze the moon through there. Tonight of all the nights I have seen it, it looks different. The light coming from the moon forms a cross. Ordinarily it's light surrounds it, but not tonight, I saw four rays, up and down, left and right. I called my youngest son, Martin and Bedok to look at it too. I thought my eyes are tricking me. But they saw it too, and we have goosebumps.

Of all the nights why now? Not satisfied, I got out in front of our house to look at it there, what I saw are clouds surrounding it. I went back to our kitchen and its still like a cross. We tried to take a picture but it failed, it's so tiny. Bedok look at it through binoculars in our kitchen window, he saw clouds surrounding it but when he gaze back at it the clouds are gone and he only saw the cross.

I called my oldest son downstairs and told him to look at the moon there and went up here. And then I asked him to look at the moon in the kitchen. He told me that I was trippin, but when he looked at it he can't believe what he saw, so he went outside just to make sure and take a look at the moon and went inside our kitchen to look at it there. All he can say is that he's having goosebumps and went downstairs to tell his friends. I heard his friends told him that he was just making fun at them but he invited them up to see what he saw.

They saw it too, 6 of them. They took pictures of it in their cellphones but its too far. They went outside looking through different views and then back in the kitchen and they were amazed why is it that when you look through our windows it really look like a cross. I'm amazed too, we cannot capture it in our cameras and when you look outside the house its just an ordinary full moon but when you see it through our window it really look like a cross. Up until now and its 10:30 already, it still look like a cross through the window.

My son is asking me if this is the first time that I saw the moon like that, and I said yes and I may never see it like that again. I told him to remember that He's looking and taking care of us always. We said a little prayer, thanking him for the blessings that he has given our families and friends.

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    Semptember is
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    It is an opportunity to

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    Offer much-needed recognition and support to kids with cancer and their families It is a reminder for everyone...

    Children can have cancer. Metro Manila cancer registry records in three hospitals, show that eight kids/one very 3 hours, die everyday.
    Many more cases and deaths remain unreported

    Childhood cancer strikes randomly, unexpectedly, regularly, sparing no age group, socioeconomic status, ethnic group or geographic region. Children as young as a few months, barely able to talk and walk, can already have cancer

    Children can survive cancer, with early diagnosis and prompt, adequate treatment. In developed countries, childhood cancer survival rate is as high as 95%.
    In the Philippines, sadly,
    it is only 10to 30%.
    Of ten who are diagnosed, only two/three will most
     likely survive. They die because they are poor,
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     It is a call to action:
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    So please,

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    Let your church leaders, media friends and elected officials know. One child/teen die every three hours because they are too poor to afford the high cost of cancer treatment.

    Ask them to

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    Sponsor an event /
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    Write an article,
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    Make a donation to Cancer Warriors Foundation Metrobank Account Number: 7-168-50924-0

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