November 2009

This edition of our Newsletter will be different. It's a compilation of the old and the new ones. And I will be updating this monthly, bringing you the latest if not the freshest update about us.

Sorry for the delay. I've been planning to update this site for sometime but I can't do this alone. So if you're interested and want to help us, you're free to email me. taonglobo@yahoo.com

Max Birthday Celebration!

Once again, the yearly celebration of Max's Birthday was a success. Here in Manila as well as in Cebu! Thanks to our President, Mr. Rod Padua, Mam Nelia Medina and all of our Board Members who helped and organize without fail, even in the midst of a strong typhoon, they made this party a success. Around 300 people came alone here in Manila chapter, together with their love ones, they celebrated with us this joyous occasion. Old faces and new faces mixed in.

Although, it was only a half a day celebration, many came as early as ten in the morning. Excited, maybe, because this is the first time we use the Phil. Medical Association Auditorium. and it's beside the newly renovated/new look SM North and in front of Trinoma.

We have lots of games and prizes in store for the patients and their caregivers. A surprise guest arrived, sorry I forgot his name, but his well known to the audience. He rendered us some songs and have his picture taken with everyone.

The climax of the party is the flower giving. Each patients receive a single rose and then after the picture taking was done, they were instructed to give the rose to their love one who give the most care for them. The caregivers were surprised, we have given the stage to them for the first time. Acknowledging their love and attention they give to us. it is their shining moment and with this we have another picture taking. First with all the caregivers and then together with their patients. A tearful moment.

And lastly the President gave his message:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
It has been a year of challenges for us all.  There are times we begin to question the existence of others for others. It has not been smoothsailing for everyone, not for Touched By Max, Inc., (TBM) even. The same recurring problems of commitment and sacrifice stare at us every now and then.

However, through all of these, there are gallant men and women who unconditionally show they are willing to exhaust all of their God-given resources and capabilities to show their support for TBM. To all of you, I salute you, your rewards are not earth-bound, they will be waiting for you in Heaven.  Words are not enough to thank you, I need not mention your names, you know who you are. Kayo yung matataba ang puso, alam nyo na nakatulong kayo, walang regrets sa isip nyo. If you have more, I am sure you would share it again and again.

To start with, almost always most Programs need monetary resources for successful implementation, something which has become more scarce in this hard economic times. TBM was not created to generate income and yet, time and again, with the assistance of a number of Good Samaritans, we were able to sustain some of our annual activities, including The Artwork Activity which was well attended and the Bloodletting during the height of Storm Onyong. Public Relations networking with other TBM members produced the needed “connection” we need. But a lot still needs to be done...

The Board Members of TBM were inducted to create an environment of sustaining/maximizing the lives of our patients. They need to see “the whole forest, not to limit on seeing the trees”. They need to look forward on possible disease mutations, possible tie-ups with more-capable organizations, possible financial arrangements with influential policy-makers.

Unfortunately, the TBM Board is hard-pressed to do the time-consuming administrative and event chores during GIPAP Anniversary, Max’s Birthday Celebration and the Year-ender Thanksgiving Christmas Party. It is in this regard that we are knocking on everyone’s heart, those that are reading and hearing this.

Starting this very day, we are activating the “Task Force Kapatid Clusters”. These are small groups with a definite mission to accomplish. The TBM Board will assign a Lead Person (TBM Board Member) to organize a five (5) to seven (7) person-group to handle a specific task. These tasks could range from concerts/sports event organizing to public relations to fund-raising campaigns. TBM will provide the much-needed logistics to the best of our capabilities. Meetings will be held regularly every last Saturday of the month. The respective Cluster will report to the Board their plans and developments with all the encouragement TBM can provide.

We are looking beyond the usual, year-in, year-out, activities we have been accustomed to organize. TBM will still pursue such activities, but we want to expand to more horizons as we seek a better future for our loves ones.

We are calling on the youth, gamitin natin ang creativeness nyo. Yung mga magaling sa computer, kailangan kayo ni Ma’am Nelia nyo. Yung mga maykaya naman dyan, baka pwede tawagan nyo kami, kailangan namin kayo.

Let’s join hands, pool all our resources. Wala na tayong maaasahan pang iba.

Call us. If we call on you to help, please huwag mo kaming dedmahin, kailangan ka namin.

Muling nagsusumamo,

Rod Padua, in behalf of the TBM Board.

  Touched by Max Newsletter:
Awareness Spotlight From The Max Foundation

Dear Touched by Max Friends,

Through your annual Celebration of Life, through your art and through your will to maximize your own life every day you have become part of a global movement which I am calling the Maximize Life Movement. This is a movement of people who refuse to be defeated in the face of cancer and choose to live our lives to the fullest. Within this movement, we are all survivors who will not face the diagnosis alone, and in October we come together with thousands of others around the world to celebrate our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  We are survivors, and by doing our very best every day, we have already succeeded in the fight against this disease!

This year, we are launching our CML Awareness Campaign aimed at supporting each other around the world because all of us have something in common: our families faced the challenge of a difficult diagnosis.  Yet, we are choosing to turn the challenge into an opportunity to be more alive, to live every day with great awareness, and to make room in our lives to come together and support each other. 
From Edmonds to India; Malaysia to Mexico, the Philippines and beyond, October will be full of Celebrations of Life.  A special thanks to Touched by Max for being the inspiration for the October Celebration of Life events around the world. You were the first ones to celebrate Max’s birthday every year and now, 39 cities and 18 countries will be hosting Celebration of Life events. 

During this month of October I will be wearing my wristband every day and wake up every morning renewing my commitment to never give up making sure that no one is alone in the fight against cancer.  Please join me by wearing your band and maximizing your life each day!

Very best wishes,
Pat Garcia-Gonzalez
Executive Director

The Max Foundation


Perpetual Help Medical Center, Las Piñas, Agosto taong 2005. Pareho kaming mag-asawa na isinugod sa ospital dahil sa sakit na Amoebiasis at doon ko nalaman na mayroon pala akong sakit na Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Isang sakit na parang anay kung sumira sa loob ng katawan ngunit ang pakiwari mo ay parang walang nangyayari sa panlabas. Parang bumagsak ang buong mundo ko nang malaman ko ang masaklap na balita. Dagdag pa dito ang kalunos-lunos na sinabi ng espesiyalistang tumingin sa akin. Ang dating ay para bang bilang na ang mga araw ko sa mundo.
Naisip ko noon na maliit pa ang anak ko para maulila sa akin, alaga ko pa ang bunso kong kapatid, wala akong alam kung saan ako kukuha ng ipangpapagamot sa aking kalagayan. Pagkatapos kong malaman ang aking kalagayan nagpatingin ako sa mga dalubhasa sa kanser ng dugo, mga hematologic-oncologist sa pagamutan ng Fe del Mundo Medical Center sa Banawe, Lungsod ng Quezon.
Kinailangan ko ang iba’t ibang uri ng gawaing panglaboratoryo, kaliwa’t kanan ang pagkuha sa akin ng dugo at ang pinakamasakit sa lahat ay ang Bone Marrow Biopsy kung saan kumukuha ng sariwang utak ng buto mula sa buto ng aking balakang sa pamamagitan ng pagturok at pagbutas sa buto at pagsipsip sa pinakagitna nito. Sadyang napakasakit ang gawaing ito, para bang hinihitit ang laman ng aking buto at damang-dama ko ang pagbutas sa aking buto ng pakamay. Kumakagat na lang ako sa isang face towel upang tiisin ang matinding sakit na dulot nito. Kinakailangan pang gawin ito tuwing ikatlong buwan.

Isang pang malaking dagok ang dumating sa akin nang malaman ko ang kinakailangang gamot ay nagkakahalaga ng isang libo at tatlong daang piso ang bawat tableta at kinakailangan ko ang apat na tableta bawat araw na nagkakahalaga ng limang libo at dalawang daang piso.

Parang isinara na sa akin ang pag-asa kong dugtungan pa ang nalalabi kong buhay.
Inihanda ko na ang aking sarili at ang aking asawa’t anak sa aking pagkawala. Sadyang nakakalungkot ngunit wala na akong magagawa. Nalalapit na ang aking pagpanaw at pamamaalam.
Nagbukas ng isang pagkakataon habang nagpapatingin ako sa aking dalubhasang manggagamot may binanggit siya sa akin tungkol sa “The Max Foundation” na nakabase sa Estados Unidos na tumutulong sa mga pasyenteng katulad ko sa pamamagitan ng pagtutustos ng kinakailangang mamahaling gamot. Sinabihan ako na makipag-ugnayan sa pamamagitan ng pagliham at pagsumite ng isang form. Sabi niya na baka sakali raw ay palarin ako, walang masama sa pagsubok at wala ding mawawala.
Sinubukan ko nga, nagbaka sakali ako, umasa, at naisipan kong magdasal ng buo, totoo, tunay. Buwan ang dumaan, naging isang taon, wala pa ring nangyari. Nagkibit balikat na lang ako at nagpatuloy sa aking paghahanda nang isang araw noong Nobyembre taong 2006 ay ipinagbigay alam sa akin ng buong galak at tuwa na naaprubahan ng mga tagapangasiwa ng The Max Foundation ang pagtutustos sa aking gamot! Laking pasasalamat at pagpupuri ang ginawa ko! Daig ko pa ang nanalo sa Lotto! Nagkakahalaga ang isang kahong gamot na may lamang 180 tableta ng 230,000 piso! At mula noon hanggang sa ngayon patuloy ang pagbibigay nila ng libreng gamot sa akin. Nakakuha na ko ng walong kahong gamot na nagkakahalaga ng 1,840,000 piso!!! Nagsara nga ang Diyos ngunit mayroon din siyang binuksan.
Nabuhayan ako ng loob at dahil dito lalo pang umigting at tumibay ang aking pananampalataya sa Diyos. Sa kabila ng aking mga kahinaan bilang isang tao, mga nagawa kong pagkukulang at mga kasalanan ay patuloy pa rin akong nililingap ng ating Panginoong Diyos. Marami pang dumaang pagsubok sa buhay ko ngunit sa bawat pagsasara sa buhay ay mayroon ding binubuksan! Walang imposible sa Diyos!
Ni Gng. Felinda S. Tonsay
Sports of The Times
Abdul-Jabbar Goes Public With Leukemia Fight
Richard Perry/The New York Times

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said he learned last December that he has chronic myeloid leukemia.

In addition to his signature sky hook and a legacy of winning at every level, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was known for his stamina and fitness. During a 20-year N.B.A. career that included six championships and six Most Valuable Player awards, Abdul-Jabbar had one serious injury, a broken wrist. Other than that he had enjoyed a healthy career.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, battling Robert Parish of the Celtics, was a six-time M.V.P. during his 20-year N.B.A. career

So the news Monday that the 62-year-old star athlete turned writer and coach was battling leukemia came as a stunning revelation.

“Imagine how I felt,” he said in an interview in Manhattan. “It was frightening. You hear the word leukemia and it’s something that really affects you.”

Especially when there is a history of cancer in the family. Abdul-Jabbar had a grandfather and an uncle who died from the disease. “And my father almost died,” he said, “so it’s something that really got me going.”

The first person Abdul-Jabbar thought about after learning he had the disease was a close friend who died of leukemia. He remembered talking to his friend just before the end. “He was weak, his voice was fading, his blood vessels deteriorated — it was really horrific,” Abdul-Jabbar said.

“He got diagnosed one day and within four weeks he was dead,” he added. “I thought I was on that same path. I don’t have that type of leukemia. You just say the word leukemia, you’ve got reason to be scared.”

Abdul-Jabbar learned last December that he has chronic myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow in which the body produces cancerous white blood cells. Chronic describes a relatively slow-growing cancer that may take years to progress. Myeloid refers to the type of white blood cell being overproduced.

“It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been diagnosed,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “My first reaction was to deal with it, make that fight for my life.”

Like many patients found to have this particular strain of leukemia, Abdul-Jabbar learned he had the disease while it was in its early phase.

“In order to really deal with this situation, you have to find a specialist and follow their instructions,” he said. “You have to take your medication; you have to get your blood checked regularly so that you can be monitored.”

For the last 11 months he has kept a brisk regimen: coaching with the Los Angeles Lakers, completing a documentary about the all-black Harlem Rens teams and writing a children’s book.

“It’s something that can be managed,” he said of his disease. “You can continue to live a productive life without changing your lifestyle that much. It does not have to be a death sentence.”

Why would someone who has been so fiercely private be so public about such a personal issue? Over the years Abdul-Jabbar has been one of the most intriguing athletes: a champion and, after the cheering stopped, a scholar and intellectual. He has written several best-selling history books, and is completing a documentary film. His seventh book is scheduled to be published in 2011.

Through all his accomplishments — at Power Memorial High School and U.C.L.A. and with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Lakers, Abdul-Jabbar has kept largely to himself. So why such a public disclosure?

“I think that someone like me, who has a public presence, because people pay attention to what’s going on in my life, can help save some lives,” he said. “I want to get the message across: this condition is treatable. I want to get people to go to doctors, take the medication. This disease can be managed and you can continue to live a very meaningful life.”

A related objective is to encourage people, especially men, to take better care of themselves. This means making more frequent trips to the doctor for checkups.

“You’ve got to be proactive about your health,” he said. “You can’t just sit back. If I can affect that condition, I’m a very happy guy.”

Why is it that the illness of a great athlete is so disconcerting, be it Lou Gehrig or Ernie Davis? Perhaps because those of us who spend so much time in sports live in a cocoon of healthy, young bodies where fatal illness is rare and injuries are simply part of the landscape.

“I’ve been a student of the martial arts my whole life,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “The whole idea of facing death calmly and doing all you can with your life up to that moment and to keep your objectives — that’s been the part of this that has made me.”

In his sport and in his day, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a true King of the Hill. Two decades after his retirement, he still holds the N.B.A. career scoring record. The diagnosis of leukemia is one more mountain to climb, one more season to negotiate.

“I’m going to be able to do the things that I love to do,” he said. “Deal with my children, write, coach. I can still live a meaningful life and manage this disease.

“I’m going to continue being me. I can’t stop doing that.”

Still in Planning

Christmas Party


Med Express

The numbers to call are:
634 3333, 0917895 3333 and 0920 918 3333,
to advise them of your pick-up date and preferred location.
Transaction requires an Rx
from the GIPAP doctor,
(dated 2 weeks at most prior date of pick up)
a copy of the latest GIPAP re-approval sent by TMF to the patient
or to  Ms
Nelia as an email and 2 valid photo Ids.


Kaban ng Bayan


As of  November, 2009

Money in Bank    46,391.60

Money in Hand    23,885



 TMF                             94,907.20
Marian and Jason Sy       2,000
Mrs. Sarmiento                1,000
Amelia M. Viki                 1,000
Barya 4 Lives                   1,000
Lot                                    2,000
Raffle Tickets                    6,220


Blood Letting                    8,930
Raffle ticket                    2,500
Cellphones                      15,000
Venue                            6,000
Max Birthday
Manila Chapter
Cebu Chapter
 Plane Ticket to Cebu            21,120

CML Awareness Month is here!

On October 1st, we open our awareness campaign to support our survivor friends and each other around the world,
by uniting people everywhere in the fight against cancer.
Read on to learn more about how you can participate no matter where you live!

By participating in our campaign you are uniting with others around the world to ensure that that no one is alone in the fight against cancer.


Celebrate Your Life

Join one of the Celebrations of Life Events unfolding throughout October in over 20 countries and 35 cities,
follow them on Facebook or have your own celebration with friends and family by engaging in community service in your neighborhood.
Write to us afterwards at
info@themaxfoundation.org to tell us about how you celebrated in your community!


Share Your Ideas

Check out the newly launched website
International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation’s (ICMLF)
 and write to

Key Opinion Leaders
with ideas about what you want to see happen next in CML treatment, research and development.

  Show Us Your Art

Become inspired by our Colors of Hope Gallery launching in early October which will be filled with your art.
Then, follow your inspiration and paint, draw or sketch something of your own that shows how you “Maximize Life” and it send to us.
We want to feature you in our 2010 exhibit so express yourself to the world through color!


Add Your Support Message

   Please add a personal support message to our Tribute Wall which goes live on October 19th in honor of Max!
  Have you been meaning to send a note of encouragement to a friend in the fight of their lives?
Do you and your patient group want to cheer on another group across the globe?
 Now is the time to post your support messages for people everywhere to see!


Promote This Campaign

  We encourage you to link our website to your website, blog, twitter or Facebook page to tell your network about the importance of cancer awareness.

Wear your Maximize Life wristband!

 Friends of The Max Foundation around the world will be wearing Maximize Life wristbands
  as an act of solidarity and a way to promote cancer awareness throughout the month of October.

  Check our website often during the month of October…and thank you for joining us by maximizing your life.


http://health. Groups. Yahoo.com/Pinoy-gipap

we are on facebook as  touchedbymax@yahoo.com


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