Limited Medical Assistance

Hydroxyurea or HU capsules for those in financial medical need prior to NOA entry or when Glivec resistance occurs and combination therapy requires HU. NIH Cyto tests coverage for entry into NOA. Limited Medical Assistance available through group purchased generic hydroxyurea used for patients still awaiting NOA approval or for those patients who may need the combination approach when monotherapy with Glivec no longer works and patient is incapable of accessing clinical trial experimental drugs or even BMT.

Also for medical assistance to cover NIH cytogenetics testing or NKI bcr-abl testing in financially incapable patients to assist in their enrollment into NOA or their therapeutic management.


ther medical assistance
for CML and GIST patients - please write,  a GIPAP physician’s recommendation is needed.


Blood Donors
, we maintain a stock of blood supply for our patients’ needs at the PGH through our bloodletting solicited drives. First Need Basis. When several request at the same time, stocks available will be apportioned equally.


Adopt a Patient
Halfway House in Metro Manila

On the recommendation of hema or onco through the Max Station, patient will be matched with a volunteer family who will house the provincial patient temporarily for a day or two to have the diagnostic tests done in Manila. Adopt a Patient becomes the halfway house for provincial patients needing to stay in Manila for a day or two to get their cytogenetics testing done at PGH.

Friendships established have helped host patients from outlying places to stay in Manila for their clinic visit.


Peer Counseling

Sharing personal stories to lift up others. When you need to talk with someone who has travailed the path of CML and GIST.

We have art healing therapy workshops, and yearly summer Family Day Gatherings (sport fest), annual assemblies every Oct 19, annual celebration of life in the first quarter of the year and Christmas party for those face to face meet-ups.


Educational Services

Our quarterly newsletter, is a venue for sharing information, updates and stories, in which we already published 14 issues, since Oct 2005.

Educational fora and inspirational talks during our regular gatherings.

An organization consist of CML and GIST patients.